Hello, my name is Sam Hemphill.

Sam likes building websites and talking about himself in the third person.

He also teaches other people how to build websites.

Sam used to play drums professionally. He was also a roadie, tour manager, sound guy, drum tech and session player for around 15 years. He's toured with some pretty cool people. Unlike Keith Richards (who Sam hasn't toured with), Sam remembers most of his time in the music industry.

In his 20's, Sam got a penchant for learning, and is proud of the fact that he has more letters after his name than his wife, although she is smarter than him.

He became interested in web development because he knew more about computers than most of his friends, and he needed a website, so he taught himself how to do it.

That was a while ago now, and he has been working for the Internets ever since.

In his spare time he still plays the drums and also writes for a number of different blogs covering topics such as travel, music and technology.

He was born in Adelaide, grew up in Brisbane, moved to Sydney for a few years and now resides in Melbourne with his wife and son.

To fit in while in Melbourne he has bought a bicycle.

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